John Kortland’s Street Photography

John Kortland‘s been out about about in Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden over the past few weeks. Here’s a handful of new images of Londoners going about their day with John’s clever quips beneath each one.

I Could Have Sworn I Saw Neptune Next To Me !
I could have sworn I saw Neptune next to me…

Bit Of Heavy ReadingBit of heavy reading

24 Carat Love
24 carat love

Reddy SmileA reddy smile

Colourful Lunch
Colourful lunch

Furtive Glances
Furtive glances

Diamond Geezer
Diamond Geezer

Ginger Ninja
Ginger ninja

Tiime for An I-Test ? ?
Time for an iTest?

And my favourite…

Darn It
Darn it

Which one is your favourite?

Watch the blog for more from John or check out his fabulous photostream on Flickr.


11 comments on “John Kortland’s Street Photography

  1. Cool pics, Neptune’s the best. Forget the combination of the red hair of the woman from the reddy smile with her red-salmon cardigan .. Nice to see all those light jackets, sweatshirts and even tshirts, we are freezing here in Italy

  2. I tweeted this. I like the Reddy Smilee. She is beautiful! But, I also like the last one, Darn it! Great real life shot. My favorite though is the Colorful lunch! Looking forward to more of these awesome moments caught on film!


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