The Lives of Londoners Captured by John Kortland

I tried really really hard to narrow this down to 10 images, honest I did, but I can’t keep up with John Kortland’s awesomeness at capturing Londoners anymore so I had to post more. Captions are his as well and there’s plenty more photography on his Flickr photostream where these came from so be sure to stop by and admire. The last one of the man with the wind in his white hair and the missing shoe has to be one of my all time favourites from John so far.

Long StretchLong stretch

Self Portrait Tatt
Self-portrait tatt

This Book Drives Me Up The Wall
This book drives me up the wall

The Eyes Have ItThe eyes have it

Rings And RowsRings and rows

Great Balls Of FireGreat balls of fire

Magnetic AttractionMagnetic attraction

In Full Cry
Full cry

Enjoying The Sun
Enjoying the sun

Secret Call
Secret call

Swede Carver
Swede Carver

Lunch With The Pigeons
Lunch with the pigeons

Golden Years
Golden years

Secret Surfing
Secret surfing

Groovy Granny
Groovy grandma

Frozen Warden
Frozen warden

Burberry Burka
Burberry burka 

How Many Of Those Could I Get In My Helmet ?
How many of those could I fit in my helmet?

Holding On To A FriendHolding onto a friend

Which ones do you like the best?

If you missed it, be sure to check out my interview with John or some of the past posts featuring his photography.

5 comments on “The Lives of Londoners Captured by John Kortland

  1. Some great shots here. I like the balance – the mix of funny and very sad which is very London. I enjoyed the secret phoning ( is she a spy 🙂 ) and secret surfing..hilarious but the 2 men lying on their backs is a class shot…. great capture

  2. Mine would have to be “this book drives me up the wall.” I read this post about 30 minutes ago and am still perplexed as to what the motive is, especially for a man in a suit to do this.

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