In Perspective

There has been some excellent photography of tunnels and alleys and hallways contributed to the Flickr pool that deserves to be seen. So today is the day. Here’s a collection of London shots that show perspective. Most of us spend a great deal of time walking through these tunnels, but we rarely take much notice as to how powerful a photograph can be created inside of them.

Way OutWay Out by Shando

EscalatedEscalated by Shando

Canary Wharf tube stationCanary Wharf Tube Station by MeDwayBoY

Keep going
Keep going by SabineThoele

No one ever discovers the depths of his own loneliness.
No One Ever Discovers the Depths of His Own Loneliness by MeDwayBoY

Alley Smoker
Alley Smoker by JayKay72

the Street
The Street by Shando

St Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral by MeDwayBoY

Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision by Shando

Thanks to all of the photographers who contributed these shots. If you have any of your own, join the Flickr pool and add away!


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