Cars in London

While living in London, I’m rarely in a car. A few years ago I managed to go an entire year only being in a car about 20 times and that’s only because I went back to New York for a few weeks. Needless to say, I don’t have a car here and nor would I ever want to, but you do see some interesting ones. Here are a few photos of cars in London from the Flickr pool.

AliceAlice by Gautier Houba

Whole Frame – (15) by Malabito

camden high street summer 2011
Camden High Street by GrahamfKerr

Just married
Just Married by Fabienne & Co

Proof That Money Does Not Buy Taste
Proof that money does not buy taste by JayKay72

Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper by Gautier Houba

’59 Ford Ranchero by Fabienne & Co

Do you drive in London? Would you want to?


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