A Sunday in Columbia Road Flower Market

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow, a Sunday is never badly spent in Columbia Road Flower Market with lovely scents, quirky crowds, live music and Cockney vendors shouting for business. Last weekend, one of them held up a tray of herbs and yelled, “Get your marijuana! We’re allowed to sell it here by the tray!” which brought a few giggles from passersby. The flowers are cheap, the shops behind the market stalls worth a browse and it feels like Spring, especially if you can find a patch of sunshine to lounge in for a while with a cold drink. Here’s some photos from last weekend.

I had to save my favourite shot till last. This blinged out vendor turned around and looked at me the second I took the shot.

So, tell me… how are you spending your weekend?

Any plans to visit the market tomorrow? Do you have a garden to plant flowers in in London?

11 comments on “A Sunday in Columbia Road Flower Market

  1. Ciao, good shots, l did a photo-documentary about 12 years ago in Columbia market,(SLR B & W) it was great fun and l loved all the photo ops it provided. I always recommend to italian friends to visit, they always come back saying how much they enjoyed the experience.

  2. Hi Steph

    It seems that we were there at the same time – or at least the same day; I was there Sunday morning. This is some of the video I shot

    You’ll probably recognise some of the characters that appear in your photoset.

  3. Love these shots! I adore your blog; I’m always finding out about news parts of London because of it! I haven’t been to Columbia Market yet, but now I definitely have to check it out.

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