Writing on the Walls

Writing on walls always catches my eye, like my two favourite pieces – the “I miss you and your character” and “Thank you stranger for your therapeutic smile” photographs that I shot a few years ago. Here are some of the latest scribblings around London.

This first piece is outside a council block in Tottenham. I just love the concept of building dreams that it represents and bugged photographer Andrew Smith to let me post it. I can think of a million ways to fill in the blanks. How about you?

43/365 - Bucket list, Tottenham, London

Bucket List by AMSImages

Next we have a classic Mobstr message from Gautier Houba. Expression is natural. Concrete is not. True that.

MobstrMobstr by Gautier Houba

And then there are a few images that I’ve taken in the past week or so:

I Know This Could Be Much More Interesting

Nice Day for a Revolution!


Crime, Crime, Crime

In London, I always keep my eyes open. You never know who’s out there trying to be heard or what you’ll find if you pay attention…usually I am pleasantly surprised.


5 comments on “Writing on the Walls

  1. The Berlin Wall — what remains of it — has some fascinating sayings, too. One of my favorites is “Many small people, who in many small places do many small things, can alter the face of the world.” A motto for both blogging and Twitter, perhaps?

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