8 comments on “Street Art by Don

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  2. Hey,

    thanks for the lovely pictures. I came across a new piece by Don that made me curious about the artist.

    You mentioned in the last blog post about him that there might be an interview coming up with him. Sadly I couldn’t find it on your blog. Maybe I missed it or it is still in the pipe line. – I’d like to say: I would love to read it here on your blog.


    • Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by. I had been in touch with Don about an interview and actually have his number in my phone but life took over and we both postponed and it got pushed to the back burner as it were I guess. Thanks for the reminder though and I will get in touch with him again and see if we can rearrange. He’s in of the most prolific artists around London lately and I’d love to ask him all my nosy questions 🙂

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