Spitalfields Life

If I have a quiet Sunday stretching ahead of me, one of my favourite ways to while away the hours is a visit to Spitalfields (which, in my own humble opinion, is – yes, I will commit to it – the most fascinating area of London) – for the rich and diverse history (from huguenot silk weavers to Jack the Ripper), the beautiful old Georgian architecture juxtaposed against the gentrified skyline of modern office blocks, the bustling Sunday markets that attract a mix of hipsters, hippies, photographers, artists, rastas, musicians and local Bangladeshis, the changing canvas walls born out of the colourful culture of street art, scents of food from around the world and just the general madness of it all.

And if I have a quiet rainy Sunday stretching ahead of me as the coming one may be, one of my favourite ways to while away the hours is a visit to Spitalfields Life, a blog that I think is so fantastically researched and lovingly tended to by The Gentle Author who always manages to get the insider’s take, it most certainly deserved to be turned into a book. And it has been. I saw a copy in a shop window on my walk through Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday. I was carrying a big jasmine plant and some hyacinths so I decided to order it online when I got home. And my copy arrived yesterday at the office which I am very excited to stick my nose in for hours on end. I can see it now, curled up with a lovely hot cup of tea, turning open the first page. Ah, bliss.

Have any of you read it yet? Plans to?

3 comments on “Spitalfields Life

  1. I have never been to Spitalfields. After reading your post I really want to visit and will definitely look at the blog! Sounds like my kind of place! Interesting post

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