Seagull Silhouettes and a Sunset

Something about this shot (even though it’s a sunset, not a sunrise) – the light and the glow on the water, the silhouettes, the spiky details on top of Parliament and the movement of the birds – just feels like Sunday morning to me – lazy, free, relaxing.


It was taken by a new contributor to the Flickr pool – Rodwey2004. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone – a day of peace before the madness of Monday begins! If you’re out and about at St. Paddy’s festivities in Green Park – Trafalgar Square today, add your photos to the Flickr pool. I’d love to see them.

A big welcome to Rodwey and thanks for sharing!

2 comments on “Seagull Silhouettes and a Sunset

  1. WOW what an awesome photo! The depth of it all, the sunlight seems to link it all with light and as you say, the silhouettes. Then water continues the link with reflection.
    My eye seems drawn from the distant sun to the buildings then along the river to the gulls.

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