Checking in with John Kortland

I had tea with John in Notting Hill the other day. It was a welcome break from the chaos at work. He had a whole day of wandering the city, photographing, meeting up with old friends. Let’s see who he’s found lately…

Say It With FlowersSay it with flowers

Wear Your Heart On Your HeadWear your heart on your head

Must Get My Head Down
Must get my head down

The Irn-Bru Lady
The Irn-Bru Lady

Waiting For Noddy
Waiting for Noddy

Hot Wired
Hot Wired

New Best Friend
New best friend

Remembering Brian
Remembering Brian

If Only . . . .
If only…
4 Wheels On My Wagon
Four wheels on my wagon

The I-StareThe i-Stare

I'm Keeping An Eye On You
I’m keeping an eye on you

Phew, I'm Glad To Get These Off ! !
Phew, I’m glad to get these off!

Proper PicnicProper picnic

Have You Forgotten Something ? ?Have you forgotten something? 

On The Short SideOn the short side

Backwards GlanceBackwards glance

Welcome RestWelcome rest

Exclusion ZoneExclusion Zone

Blue MuffsBlue muffs

Proud MotherProud mother

Little And LargeLittle and large

The Lonely RangerThe lonely ranger

Leave a comment and let us know which ones you love the most!

(All photos and captions by John Kortland)
Interview with John

7 comments on “Checking in with John Kortland

  1. These are all so great! I especially like “Four wheels on my wagon” because of the interaction going on, and the “Proper picnic” because he looks so happy to be enjoying a real English picnic. And the expression of relief in the shot of the woman taking her shoes off is incredible – it made my feet physically react!

    Thanks very much for sharing these.

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