Only in Soho…

Oh the things you find in London when you’ve got your eyes open. This little sign was spotted by Karva Javi: “This is not a brothel. There are no prostitutes at this address.”

Soho Life

I’d love to hear the stories from the residents! I’m sure they have some good ones to tell.

Edit – I didn’t realise when I posted this but thanks to the comments now I know this was Sebastian Horsley’s house at 7 Meard Street. Of course, this is probably untrue according to the stories he wrote in his autobiography before he died a few years ago about his extensive use of prostitutes. Isn’t it ironic. I knew someone with an interesting life would have lived there.

5 comments on “Only in Soho…

  1. Oh Hell! I ate across the street from his (Sebastian Horsley) place back in 2007. I wrote a wonderful poem about my time in the UK back them and have a picture of the door on my blog! Poor man..shame to die so young…

  2. About 25 years ago we moved to a new house, which was empty, but had previously been rented.

    As soon as we had the telephone connected, I started getting silent phone calls and my wife started getting weird calls which ended up with her hanging up in confusion. A couple of weeks later we had a caller at the door, who asked my wife about fees.

    Our next door neighbour smiled when we told him, and he went to get us a newspaper cutting…

    Our house had been a brothel, closed down by the police and then bought by us in complete ignorance…

    Of course, I should have realised what all the single beds were doing there, and the safe (empty, we later discovered), and the broken toilet/blocked drains.

    My how we laughed.

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