Found: More Easter Eggs

Martin Payne just found a few more eggs from The London Egg Hunt 2012.

Here they are:




If you find any new ones, add them to the Flickr pool to share with us.


6 comments on “Found: More Easter Eggs

  1. To be honest, I found them a while back (I’d been at the Odeon in Leicester Square for the Prince’s Trust ‘Celebrate Success’ Awards) and was making my way back to Waterloo to catch my train home).

    They have only just been ‘found’ on Flickr because I’ve got round to renewing my account!!

    I did notice that they are all going to be in one place from 3rd to 9th April – but can’t remember where.

  2. This is such a cool idea!! I wish Toronto, or Ottawa did this. I DO REMEMBER one summer for a charity artists decorated life size Moose and they were all over the city and just outside of it. It was pretty cool.

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