F. Cooke: Pie & Mash

Over the weekend, I read about The Gentle Author’s journey through some of East London’s traditional Pie & Mash shops in my copy of Spitalfields Life. (You can read about it on the blog as well – part 1 and part 2.)

And so I was pleased to see the recent contributions to the Flickr Pool by Philipp Ammon – some lovely black and white images from his recent visit to F. Cooke in Broadway Market. Enjoy!






Love the little black kitty!

Thanks Phillip!

Have you ever been to F. Cooke? Yummy?

3 comments on “F. Cooke: Pie & Mash

  1. In the 1950s we had pie and mash every Saturday lunch time. My brother had 2 pies, 2 mash and liquer, my sister had 1 pie, 2 mash and liquer and I had 1 pie and one mash, no liquer. I was the youngest aged about 7. We went to the shop in Crisp Street, Poplar. I can’t quite remember the cost but I think the pies cost about 10d or a shilling and the mash was sixpence. Mum and Dad stayed at home and did not have lunch.

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