Bob the Big Issue Cat

Love the story of Big Issue seller James and his cat Bob, so here are a few photos and a few videos to keep you entertained for a few days. I’ll keep it short and sweet and let the YouTube clips do the talking! I’ve got packing to do. I’m off to Dubai until early next week so I’m going to abandon you for a short while. In the meantime, keep me up to date on London in the comments and the Flickr pool.

James and Bob by SilverTony45

Bob the Big Issue Cat by Belkus

Cat by Belkus

Bob - Big Issue Cat
Bob – Big Issue Cat by Shashinka_uk

See you soon!


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46 comments on “Bob the Big Issue Cat

  1. Just finished book. A great uplifting story. What a lucky cat Bob is having you! Take care of each other. God Bless. Can I send donation?

  2. I am nearly through the book and logged in to see Bob and James. Once in a while you just know that two sentinal creatures are made for each other and so they are so blessed in each other, and it makes sense of why God created animals first; because they are so very, very special. Long may they enjoy each other’s company and lives.

  3. Just finisned reading your book about Bob, what a lovely story. All the best to you both and thanx for a brillant story.

  4. Just finished the book this afternoon and couldn’t resist checking you both out out on youtube. I loved the book and think Bob is a wonderful clever and extraordinary cat and you James are very courageous, it obvious you are great for each other

  5. I felt your pain and was ecstatic when you found Bob – again! I think you are a very good example for anyone who finds themselves homeless and addicted to find the strength to change their life around as well as showing what a fine and wonderful animal the cat is and how they are wise and loving and how much companionship they give. May you and Bob have many happy years together, no one deserves it more.

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  7. What you do is amazing. I am cat lover and cat owner… this cat, Bob is really there because he is with you and he wants you. As you told the reporter he might go away anytime he wants but he stays there with you. You are a rare person. You have my respect . I hope this videos help you find a better accomodation and a better life for yours and Bobs confort.

  8. this is a incredible cat , i love cats and i am sure he is very good held by he,s owner :::))) no doubt wish them all the best

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  11. Just finished the book – great read, I do hope you and Bob are doing alright, keep warm in this cold weather and take care

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  13. Just finished reading this book – I always buy the Big Issue – so lovely that Bob brought James’ life back into focus. Everyone needs someone to love.
    Good luck to you both in the future. xx

  14. i received your book for christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it couldnt put it down read it in 2 days. i think you are a most remarkable couple who deserve each other and God meant you to be together please take care of each other. xxx

    Carol Asfordby. january 11th 2013

  15. was given the book as xmas pressie and l can say it was the best present l could have received. have given the book to my son-in-law and have asked him to find you and maybe you could sign it for me and of course a paw mark from the gorgeous bob. thank you for re-affirming to me that cats pick you and not the other way around – good luck to the both of you and will look out for more books on your adventures with bob

  16. Received the book for Christmas. Am in a wheelchair, unable to do things by and for myself, so mum read the story to me. My next door neighbours cat is a ginger tom. He visits me every day and sits willingly on my lap giving me so much love and attention. He seems to care for me as i do for him. The therapeutic value of our relationship is huge, so i can identify with james and bob. A brilliant real life and inspiring story.

  17. So so enjoyed this book, much empathy with James, as I have a cat of my own, whom I take out on the get so much love from them…

  18. Picked up the book while in the UK last month, fantastic story. I’ve owned a similar cat before but not as smart as Bob! Congratulations James on getting clean. Best of luck to you both.

  19. Truely inspirational . A match made in heaven. Does anyone know whether James and Bob still ever busk in London and if so where?

  20. I write from Italy, I have now finished reading this wonderful story and it is not the first time that a cat transforms the lives of the people he meets! (Dewey, the library cat …)
    It ‘a wonderful thing, we are fortunate so close to us and many times we destroy it.
    Lots of luck and health to Bob and James! (lots of cuddles the cat;-))
    Maura (which feeds dozens of cats)

  21. I’ve just read the book and absolutely loved it – brought several tears to my eyes. I have always had cats and now have adopted a couple of strays in Qatar where I am living for a while. Dave found us and we love him!

  22. Ich habe das Buch gestern gelesen….komplett in einem durch, es hat mich sehr faziniert und beiendruckt. Alles Gute für Euch zwei beiden Seelen

  23. This book ist really great! I like persons who admire animals – like James do it. Animals are often better friends than humans… I wish James and Bob a nice time!

  24. I just finished the book. Great. I have an orange tabby like Bob.
    I also have other cats, too. They are all so special. Best of
    luck James for many wonderful years with your best friend Bob.
    He’s a wonderful “personally.”

  25. Удачи Бобу и Вам, Джеймс!! Держитесь и будьте смелыми, терпения Вам. From Russia with love! 🙂

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