Londoners Through the Lens of John Kortland

John Kortland does know how to find some characters. Ready for a big round up of the latest Londoners? John’s captions included as well. So difficult to single out my favourites but I try!

The Whites Of His EyesThe whites of his eyes…


Golden Boots
Golden boots

 Neat Rows
Neat rows

Ooh,Suits You Sir
Ooh, suits you, sir

Exit Tony Blair
Exit Tony Blair

Blonde On Blonde
Blonde on blonde

All Fur Coat And No . . . . . . . .
All fur coat and no…..

Not For Her
Not for her

Mini Me
Mini me

Full LIfe
Full life

Something To Tell Us Charles ?
Something to tell us, Charles?

Ladies In White Coats, Here To Help. London Fashion Week
Ladies in white coats. Here to help.

Floral Wellies
Floral wellies

Forked Feather
Forked feather

Hearty Stare
Hearty stare

Good To Go
Good to go

Lick It Or Lose It
Lick it or lose it

Inscrutably Ginger
Inscrutably ginger

Study In Studs. London Fashion Week
Study in studs

How Odd
How odd

Harpo ?

That Made You Jump
That made you jump

Uncle Albert
Uncle Albert

One of these days I’m tagging along when John goes shooting… Favourites?

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