Mau Mau’s Foxes

Love Mau Mau’s foxes. These are a few Alex Ellison captured in North London. Coincidently (or probably not), Mau Mau has a show coming up, Pigs Might Fly (hopefully including some foxes as well) in Westbourne Grove starting tomorrow through May 13.

Mighty Mo & Mau MauMighty Mo and Mau Mau

Mau Mau, Mighty Mo, Panik & Neas
Mau Mau, Mighty Mo, Panik & Neas

Mau Mau / Mighty Mo / LG / FlemMau Mau, Mighty Mo, LG, Flem

Another well travelled (Devon-born) British  street artist, Mau Mau’s work has been created around the globe for over a decade so keep your eyes open wherever you may be! He’s done work for Greenpeace, Free Burma, Shelter and Glasto as well as music videos for Dizzee Rascal and, amusingly, Mau Mau even has a strain of cannabis named after him. Two sold out shows in Tokyo just finished so should be a good one.

PS – Nice interview with Mau Mau on South West Underground.

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