Jesus Will Sweep Away All Mayors…

This is one of those photos that make me shake my head and think only in London… (of course this sort of general madness happens in most big cities, but London is pretty special sometimes.)

Boris Johnson, watch out!

Photo courtesy of the keen eye of Where The Art Is from the Flickr Pool.

So, did you vote last week (and other serious questions…)?


4 comments on “Jesus Will Sweep Away All Mayors…

  1. I didn’t vote, did you?
    I’m still trying to stop the nightmares having seen an AD on TV telling me why I should vote for Ken!
    And I had to choke down a laugh the other day when I read how ‘…Boris reaches across the class divide…’ Big ‘WTF’ face?! The only thing he reaches across is the table for another chicken leg!

  2. Well Stephanie and spacerb you are in the majority, 68% did not vote.

    No doubt some of those were people who just can’t be bothered, but I suspect that an increasing amount of people are making an explicit point… We do not accept your legitimacy… you are not of us… you rule (rather than govern) without our consent… etc.

    Put it this way, when nationally 9.92% voted for the CONservatives and 12% voted Labour making a total of 22% voting for the main parties, they can hardly boast that they represent the majority, even in coalition.

    In London, 61.9% voted for the “Noneoftheaboveparty”, unfortunately the Electoral Commission does not the allow existence of a party with that name, so your goodselves and the rest who did not vote have been disenfranchised.

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