Spirit of the Queen’s Jubilee

Jorge and I took a five minute stroll to Tesco on King’s Road in Chelsea a few days ago. The man at the till was wearing a baseball cap with a giant union jack and just about every shop window we walked by had a patriotic display. Remember that entry I wrote the other day with a few union jack jubilee photos? Here’s a bunch more – iPhone shots that Jorge took (all within a five minute walk, which shows the sheer density of union jack displays right now!) and so kindly shared for LLO. Ready?

And a few extras from today:

PS – Since Jorge was nice enough to share all of his festive union jack photos, why not show some love with a like on his Facebook page? Check out his LLO artist interview as well. He’s a garden designer.


And so… any special Queen’s Jubilee plans for you Londoners this weekend? Be sure to take lots of photos for the Flickr pool whatever you do. I will be watching the floats on Sunday. I unfortunately left my awesome Union Jack heels in New York… but here they are in spirit:

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