As You Were, London. The Party’s Over.

Great conceptual shot by Sabine Thoele from the Flickr pool.

The party is over

The Queen’s Jubilee festivities have come to an end. What did you think, all said and done?

Enjoy the bank holidays?

I had to work yesterday. So today, I give you a story.

It was some time around 8:30am. The streets were empty, Union Jack bunting tangled in tree branches, only me and one other person standing on the platform, waiting for the tube. I stepped into an empty carriage, headphones in my ears. Sat peacefully. One stop. No one got on.

Another stop. A group of 10 or 15 guys clamber into the tube, drinking beer, hollering. I pretend not to notice until one of them drunkenly leans against my shoulder and offers me a sip of his Coors Light. No thank you. Just on my way to the office, I say politely. He spills a bit. I smell of beer.

He loses interested and turns his attention back to his mates. They are covered in Union Jacks. He starts mooing loudly, waving his flag. Jumping. They are hanging on the hand rails hooting like monkeys.

A few stops down the line, one of them gets on all fours, walks down the aisle making animal sounds. Stops near me.

Licks my foot.

Yes, I smelled of beer and had my foot licked by a stranger on the tube all before 9am.

Usual bank holiday in London then….

How did you spend yours?


8 comments on “As You Were, London. The Party’s Over.

  1. Well I sat in the office at work and gazed out the window. Didn’t have such happenings on the commute.

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