Smoking Londoners

I don´t know very many smokers, but they keep appearing in photos in the Flickr pool, and so here is a little compilation of Londoners with cigarettes to go with that shot up there that I took in Shoreditch a few weeks ago.

George Takes A SmokeGeorge takes a smoke by John Kortland

The thinkerThe thinker by Sabine Thoele

Holy Smoke
Holy smoke by John Kortland

Smoky JoeSmoky Joe by Graham F Kerr

Andrea / Blitz / March - 2012Hanbury street blitz by Fish & Chic

Elegant SmokerElegant smoker by John Kortland

Stoneman And The Magic AshStoneman and the Magic Ash by John Kortland

Enjoy your week everyone!

5 comments on “Smoking Londoners

  1. Reblogged this on Arrancat's Blog and commented:
    After living in the smoker friendly country of Georgia the past 16months or so, where it is frowned upon for women to be seen smoking in the street, its funny to think of the UK where the only place to smoke is outside. Here it is the opposite! Great pictures.

  2. I often find myself shooting pics of smokers. They make good subjects because they’re sitting or standing and looking moody and meditative, often by themselves, and often against an interesting wall or in a shadowy doorway. The fact that they’re fairly stationary helps too!

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