A Few Bits of Street Art

I have to admit I haven’t been out taking many photos the past few months. I blame the dreary London weather. But Alex Ellison‘s been out and about and I’ve got a good Jimmy C piece photographed by Mickyh2011 to share with you as well. Some street art to brighten up a grey Wednesday morning.

StewyPhoto: Stewy, Islington, captured by Alex Ellison

Bambi - I believe in AngelsPhoto: Bambi – I believe in Angels, North London, photographed by Alex Ellison

StewyStewy in Islington shot by Alex Ellison

Bortusk LeerBortusk Leer in Shoreditch captured by Alex Ellison

Numskull & Mr PenfoldNumskull and Mr Penfold in East London photographed by Alex Ellison

Sweet ToofSweet Toof in East London documented by Alex Ellison

SKULLAnd one last shot of a piece by Jimmy C, photographed by mickyh2011.

Captured any interesting art in your area of London lately? Share it in the Flickr pool. Need some suggestions on where to look? Londonist’s latest article on Best Street Art Locations in London is a good place to start.

On a side note, I’m looking for some Londoners to interview for Listen to a Londoner.
Any volunteers?
Message me: stephanie.sadler@hotmail.com

2 comments on “A Few Bits of Street Art

  1. I liked the squirrel and pigeon best – and I recognise some of the artists as we have a few similar pieces here on the south coast – or maybe it’s just the style I’m recognising?

  2. You may have seen some of Stewy’s stencilled animals down south – I know he’s done some in Brighton.

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