20 Street Photographs of Londoners by John Kortland

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve caught up with John Kortland. Let’s see what fabulous characters he’s captured on the streets of London lately, shall we? Photos and captions all by John.

Rock BottomRock bottom

The Bag Tells It's Own StoryThe bag tells its own story

Duracell GirlDuracell Girl

Bow Tie GentBow tie gent

The Full EnglishThe full English

Yellow Ray Ban'sYellow Ray Bans

Paul Chapman "As Time Goes By" ActorPaul Chapman – As Time Goes By actor

Extrovert ? Moi ? ?
Extrovert? Moi?

An Englishman In The SunAn Englishman in the sun

Old ManOld man

South Bank GirlSouth Bank girl

Happy Chappie
Happy chappie

Walk Away Quickly Edna
Walk away quickly, Edna

Say CoooSay Coo

Hard TimesHard times

Sunglasses Snap
Sunglasses snap

Mellow YellowMellow yellow

The Text Commandments
The text commandments

OK YahOk Yah.

Black And WhiteBlack and white

Favourite shot?
Leave it in the comments! 

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