Olympic Cash

The Olympics make for a whole new set of little London observations. Alex Ellison found this sign along the Regents Canal earlier this week:

Public Notice

What changes have you spotted in your area with the upcoming Olympics? Not too much down here at the moment, but upcoming Wimbledon has brought fake grass and lots of massive advertisements to Southfields station…

One comment on “Olympic Cash

  1. One of the main changes that I have noticed is that I don’t watch live TV anymore, just in case someone mentions “the Olympics” for the forty millionth time today.

    Let’s face it, “the Olympics” is a great big party run by the government, for the government and definitely not in the interests of any normal functioning human bean, for whom “sport” should be as simple as putting on a pair of pumps, slamming the front door and going for a walk/jog/run.

    But no… Oh no… We have to have jets ready to scramble at Northolt, missiles on buildings close to Stratford, road closures everywhere, a spectatcularly expensive but purposely diminished public transport system…

    And almost forgot, a load of grinning politicians, and BBC journos, telling us how great everything is and how happy we should be…

    I am sooooooooooo happy.

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