Around Tower Bridge

Following yesterday’s (late!) entry, after Borough Market and Gibbon’s Rent, Jorge and I took a stroll back over Tower Bridge. On the way we spotted a few interesting things. Of course, I took some photos. iPhone photos, but photos none-the-less…

But first I’ll kick it off with a gorgeous (also iPhone) photograph of the area taken by The Photo School:

More London

From Gibbon’s Rent, we walked by German artist Stephan Balkenhol’s wooden “Couple” sculptures on Tooley Street.

Marvelled how interesting the surrounding architecture becomes in the shadow of The Shard:

And of course the immensity of The Shard itself:

And we stumbled upon a few BT Art Boxes as well:

From the BT Art Boxes website:
“Inkie’s artbox ‘Fade to Black no. 2’ is based on tribal patterns and tattoo design with a 21st century pop art twist.”

From the BT Art Boxes website:
“Welcome to London. 230 languages spoken. Exploring the wealth of language in our capital. Vibrant speech bubbles and bustling typography visualise the multinational voices of London. Say ‘hello’ in Dutch or ‘hi’ in Polish; whatever the language, London & Partners send a warm welcome to all that pass through our city.” 

And lastly, a little view of the Olympic rings under Tower Bridge:

Which were actually much better captured and contributed to the LLO Flickr Pool by Sabine Thoele as they were being transported down the Thames back in February:

RingsidePhoto: Ringside by Sabine Thoele

6 comments on “Around Tower Bridge

  1. Those Balkenhol sculptures remind me a lot of Sean Henry’s “Standing Man” sculpture near Paddington:

    Standing Man

    I love your perspective on the towering glassy shard. And that last photo of the rings — what a moment!

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