Giveaway: London Photography Print

Thanks for all of your support of Little London Observationist. As promised, for every 50 new likes on Facebook, I will give away an 8×10 photography print and we reach 600 this week so thank you!

You can choose any image from my Etsy Shop, Photo Larks.

Here’s a few samples:

The contest will run for 1 week. A winner will be chosen at random by having a friend pull a random number from a deck of cards. I will ship anywhere in the world. The winner will be notified by email or Facebook on Saturday July 7.


1.) Share the link to Little London Observationist anywhere you like (facebook, twitter, etc).
2.) Leave a comment here on the blog or on the Facebook page to let us know where you left the link and which photo from the shop you’d like if you win.

That’s all! Have a fabulous weekend.

5 comments on “Giveaway: London Photography Print

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