Little London Links: Weekend 1

Black sand beaches, clear blue swimming pools, relaxing in tree swings, eating good food (and new food – like mojo – yum!), beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery (volcano, forest, cliffs, vineyards, banana plantations and colourful houses) and, of course, fun company. Yup, I’m back from the dream world of Tenerife. I know this is a London blog but can’t you just picture yourself having your tea on this lovely porch this morning, watching the sun come up over the vineyards?

And in London, the Olympics, I see, are in full swing. Exciting times, no? Did any of you get tickets to the Games? If not, what would you most like to see? What did you think of the opening ceremony?

Photo: Rings by SReed99342

All of this excitement and holiday stuff has got me thinking. After blogging here daily (with few exceptions – like holidays) since 2009, I’ve decided I deserve the weekends off! Selfish, I know, but someone has to made decisions around here. So, starting now, I’ll be posting Monday through Thursday as usual, and every Friday leaving you with a series of links to keep you well entertained through the weekend.

And oh look – it’s Friday already! So here we go. Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend.

If you’re still bored, why not:

See you Monday!

2 comments on “Little London Links: Weekend 1

  1. I thought the opening ceremony of the Olympics was fantastic but then I am English and a Londoner, not sure if other countries would enjoy it. The only downside was Paul McCartney – sorry, but I am sure we could have done better.
    Also enjoying the rowing at Eton Dorney (even if they did have to rename it!!) on the live broadcasts on the computer.

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