Street Art Tours Are Illegal, some Olympic graffiti and tags in the Trellick Tower

Ah, the street art tour craze. Step foot near Brick Lane or Shoreditch and you’re bound to swallowed up in a crows listening to someone rattle on about Banksy. Irritating indeed. What used to be a peaceful stroll to all of the good graffiti hunting grounds is now a race to beat the mobs who stand in front of pieces new and old for hours taking photos of themselves with the work. In fact, I quite like this new one from Dr. D.


Submitted to LLO Flickr pool by Mark at Hooked Blog, who always beats the crowds.

In Friday’s London Links post, I included a link to Londonist’s Olympics themed street art. If you missed it, Mickyh2011 made it in to Shoreditch to find one of my favourites. This impressive Jimmy C. piece of Usain Bolt.
Usain Bolt – Sclater Street

There’s a few other Olympic-themed pieces in Micky’s photostream by Otto Schade on the Truman Brewery – gymnastics and cycling.

And while we’re on the topic of Graffiti, let’s go to a place where the graffiti tours probably don’t yet – the famous Trellick Tower in W10, a brutalist style of architectural from the early 1070’s by Ernő Goldfinger. (There’s an interesting blog entry on the tower from Love London Council Housing if you want to read more about the history.) Anyway, here’s a piece of graffiti that SReed99342 spotted there – an owl by Nychos.


And three more tag style pieces captured by Steve – also in the Trellick Tower – by Wisher, BWiser and Tizer:


Have you found any interesting street art lately? Add it to the Flickr pool for a chance to be featured on the blog. 

PS – I still have 14 postcards with one of my photography prints (below) to give away. Want one

4 comments on “Street Art Tours Are Illegal, some Olympic graffiti and tags in the Trellick Tower

  1. The piece by Dr. D looks more prescient than artistic Stephanie!

    Nevertheless very clever and a useful place to stub out that fag.

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