Mr. Brainwash Exhibition Photos

There’s an excellent round-up of Mr. Brainwash‘s show on Ali Muskett’s blog – quite a popular opening with somewhere around 1,000 people in the queue starting four hours in advance. She’s posted loads of great photos. I’m going to let you read her blog for the details and show you a few shots that Where The Art Is captured at the show:

graffiti, London

Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Also, I still have postcards to give away. Stik street art, black and white photography prints. Want some snail mail? Click for details.

2 comments on “Mr. Brainwash Exhibition Photos

  1. After watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and learning about Mr. Brainwash, aka a frenchman named Thierry, all I can say is that he’s a complete nutter who started making art because Banksy told him to. Banksy himself says he regrets it, and Mr. Brainwash’s cousin, Space Invader, won’t even talk about him.

    In my opinion, Mr. Brainwash is just ripping off everyone else’s work and has no original ideas. 😦

  2. Thanks for sharing my link! It’s a really fun exhibition and I’d highly recommend that people check it out, even if they have a low opinion of Mr Brainwash… they might be surprised! 😉

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