London Links: Weekend 3

Busy, busy week! My cousin has been in London after a month of travelling around Europe (and yes, I am of course envious). We’ve been out with friends, went to Sushinho earlier this week which is one of my favourite London restaurants (more for the food – Brazilian/Japanese fusion – than the atmosphere). Tonight, I’m off to the Old Vic Tunnels (the ones inside the Leake Street graffiti tunnel) to see New York’s Penny Arcade! Anyone seen it yet?

Anyway, I hope you have all had a fantastic week and here’s some links for the weekend.

And I shall leave you with a photo from the Flickr pool – a crazy, slightly morbid, piece of art / taxidermy from Polly Morgan’s largest installation to date, Endless Plains, in King’s Cross. The exhibition is finished now, but in case you missed it (I did), the photo below was taken by Annar_50.

Polly morgan

Enjoy the sun this weekend!

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