Photography: 15 Londoners


Imagine the stories.

You can see them in the eyes, in the fashion, tattooed on the skin, in posture and body language and personal hygiene. London is home to characters from probably close to every country, every religion, every political background, every racial background, every sexual background, etc. on this planet. There are somewhere around 300 languages spoken here. Some people were born here in Charing Cross Road or Ealing or Tottenham; somewhere around 1/3 of us were born abroad. Some are educated at Oxford or Harvard. Some never went to school at all. Some have jobs that pay millions. Some don’t have jobs at all. Some are spending millions on luxury interior designer to deck out their West London mansions, others are content to find a dry dilapidated cardboard box to spread on the pavement at night and gather enough money for a bit of breakfast.

Of course we all know these things already. It’s undeniable that this incredibly diverse mixture of people who call London home is one of the first cited reasons that people give when asked why it’s so interesting to live here. They are also one of the biggest draws for street photographers.

These 15 powerful photos, recently added to the Flickr pool by some talented photographers, don’t even begin to touch on such a full scope of people, but they say much more than words ever could about this city.

LondonPhoto: London by Zbigniew Osiowy

*Photo by ML6B

Wind blowing blonde hairPhoto: Wind Blowing Blonde Hair by Snowpine

Harsh RealityPhoto: Harsh Reality by simon.anderson

London Tattoo Convention: StylePhoto: Style by John and Tina Reid

Portrait of a stylist wearing sunglassesPhoto: Portrait of a stylist wearing sunglasses by Snowpine

Carnaby Street foreverPhoto: Carnaby Street Forever by J.I.R.O.

A bearded man with his petPhoto: A bearded man with his pet by Snowpine

London Tattoo Convention: Happy CanvasPhoto: Happy Canvas by John and Tina Reid

UntitledPhoto: Untitled by rbreve

the dangers in admiring your own footwearPhoto: The dangers in admiring your own footwear by Charlie Colmer

{132} BeautyPhoto: Beauty by Tyla’75

London Tattoo Convention: Living CanvasPhoto: Living Canvas by John and Tina Reid

Young lady sitting on a bench, wondering...Photo: Young lady sitting on a bench, wondering… by Snowpine

A ginger haired guy with stylePhoto: A ginger-haired guy with style by Snowpine

Time has left marks in my facePhoto: Time has left marks on my face by Snowpine

“The life of our city is rich in poetic and marvelous subjects. We are enveloped and steeped as though in an atmosphere of the marvelous; but we do not notice it.”
Charles Baudelaire

Imagine the stories.

6 comments on “Photography: 15 Londoners

  1. Bit of a general comment this Stephanie… From the mind of a pedant.

    You claim to still be an expat at the top of your website…

    Is this because you have moved to Wimbledon and like me (from Beckenham), can no longer be taken as proper Londoners… ?? Ergo… “An expat blog about the little things in London.”

    • Well I could answer that question by stating that once you come to London, you are a Londoner…

      Or I could stand corrected and accept the facts…

      I rashly made an assumption, having stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago, that when you went off to South America, you became an expat as far as this site was concerned…


  2. I suppose I consider myself both an expat and a Londoner.

    I was born in NY (American mom, British dad) and have been living in London since 2007 (plus four months in 2004) with a break last year to spend six months in Colombia before coming back to London… so it is all a bit confusing 🙂

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