Little Venice: Algae on the Canal

A welcome respite after a walk down the Harrow Road with its dreary buildings and heavy traffic flow, the canal of Little Venice was glowing with a coat of green algae.

The shadow of the bridge stretched across the algae.

Sleepy houseboats were tied up along the shore.

Some were makeshift cafes, others sold vintage clothes, books, art prints. There was even a salon.

Little Venice is a relaxing place, far enough from the main roads to feel like you’ve escaped the city for a few minutes.

But I’ve never seen algae quite as thick!

We spotted a football sitting still on the surface, a coffee stir stick, beer cans.

There were bits of rope and boat paraphernalia.

There was a machine on one of the boats that looked like at some point it had been cleaning.

There were families of ducks dipping beneath and coming up for air with green spotted beaks.

Flowers grow along the banks.

Some of the ducks found a makeshift, island family home.

It was nice to see some wildlife wandering about (wildlife that’s not pigeons).

And we even beat Saturday’s rain.

6 comments on “Little Venice: Algae on the Canal

  1. While the emerald green aspect of the canal may have been a respite for you, and makes for great photos, it hardly seems like a good thing for the waterfowl and fish. Hopefully the city will be doing something about it.
    Here in NY where I live, one city uses oxygen, sending water fountain plumes up into the air, and a smaller town nearby “seeds” their green lake with a certain type of algae-eating fish in their lake – carp, I believe.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! I haven’t visited Little Venice in years. I used to attend the Westminster Adult Education Facility, which was nearby, some years ago and would often have my lunch by the canal and admire the barges and beauty and calm of the place. Love all your images:-)

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