38 Photos: London’s Portobello Market Visitors

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Portobello Market, but it’s always one of my favourite places to pass a Saturday afternoon trawling through vintage boots and tables full of trinkets and once-loved jewellery looking looking for a new home. Mostly though, I love it for the people watching, the fascinating and diverse mix of humanity that gathers in this little corner of London every weekend.

The last time I posted my own photos from Portobello Market was back in January. Here’s some from the weekend.

Have your own shots of Portobello Market? Add them to the Flickr pool.
Also, if you’re not a fan of LLO on Facebook, here’s a link!

2 comments on “38 Photos: London’s Portobello Market Visitors

  1. Great photos, you’ve really captured the essence. I’m curious as to what those people are eating out of the huge pan. Is it paella? Or perhaps something with a more eastern flavor? I would eat a double helping of either one.
    Nothing better than an open air market as autumn rolls in. Some of my favorite childhood memories are my parents taking me to these markets set up in parking lots. I can almost smell the musty books, old clothes and hot apple cider…

  2. Lovely set of photographs Steph, really portrays the busy feel of a street market perfectly, some nice street shots in there too, great characters and expressions.

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