The Love Fence in Shoreditch

When I was living in Colombia last year, I wrote a post on my other blog about love locks around the world. It’s controversial as something like this is bound to be, but I think it’s beautiful. A while ago, a similar fence covered in locks with messages of love, etc popped up in Shoreditch (where else?). Anyone know who started it?

Here’s a few shots added to the Flickr pool of The Shoreditch Love Fence:

Yarn and Padlock fence bombing, ShoreditchPhoto by surreyblonde

PadlockPhoto by msganching

PadlocksPhoto by World of Tim 2

I Adore UPhoto by jwmoz

Here are a couple more articles about the locks from Londonist, Ali Muskett and Who’s Jack if you’re interested!


Also, Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂

10 comments on “The Love Fence in Shoreditch

  1. This blog post could have done with more information: the origins of love locks, the whereabouts of the fence in Shoreditch, maybe even some detective work to discover who started the Love Fence.

  2. Thanks Jake. I agree. The origins are explained in the link to my Little Observationist Scrapbook blog at the top. The fence is located in Shoreditch at the top of Bethnal Green Road opposite Shoreditch High Street station. If you know who started it, I’d love to know. If this blog was my full time job, you’d have some great investigative journalism to read.

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