25 London Shop Fronts

Time for another dose of London’s shop fronts, a great insight into any town or city. It’s interesting not only to see the names, but the window displays and what’s been placed outside as well. Walking down the street, it’s easy to walk right past some of these places without a second glance but when they are isolated in photographs like these that were contributed to the Flickr pool, the little things start to come out and I find myself looking twice.

Fiskeskaere Køkken & Sushi SchoolPhoto by Steve Reed

MayflowerPhoto by Steve Reed

Photo by Steve Reed

Thai DreamPhoto by Steve Reed

ButtyboysPhoto by Steve Reed

La ProvencePhoto by Steve Reed

The Breakfast Club @ LondonPhoto by Amyq

BarberPhoto by Steve Reed

Tooting Video CentrePhoto by Steve Reed


Last Place on EarthPhoto by Steve Reed

Smokey JerkeyPhoto by Steve Reed

Curl Up and DryPhoto by Steve Reed

SnookerPhoto by Steve Reed

FurniturePhoto by Steve Reed

SouvenirsPhoto by Steve Reed

Electronics & FashionsPhoto by Steve Reed

Big BenPhoto by Steve Reed

Mona'sPhoto by Steve Reed

San-MoniquePhoto by Steve Reed

Cricklewood HalalPhoto by Steve Reed

EuroScrews & Colourbox
Photo by Steve Reed

East African FashionsPhoto by Steve Reed

BucovinaPhoto by Steve Reed

Hard Work CafePhoto by Steve Reed

Mama CassPhoto by Steve Reed

How many locations can you guess? Leave your answers in the comments!

One comment on “25 London Shop Fronts

  1. I must say the storefronts of London have become more colorful (colourful, if you will) since I was there in the seventies. Also, I had to smile at Curl Up and Dry. I used to have a salon down the street from me here in NY called Curl UP and Dye. Alas it did – die – not dye.

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