London Links: Weekend 8

Hello everyone. How has your week been? Any nice plans for the weekend? Anyone going to Open House? Travelling anywhere nice? We may head over to Spitalfields. It’s been a while and I’m in the mood to take some photos. Spitalfields never disappoints the lens.

Spent a bit of time this week writing a piece about London Markets for a new site called TownFish. It’s will be launching around November. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished site, but from what I hear, it’s going to be quite interesting. One to watch.

And a date for your diary if you’re one to plan ahead: November 3!  I’ll be exhibiting some photography, jewellery and handbags at the SE20 Craft Fair in Penge. Stop by and say hello. There will be cake. Music. All sorts of joy and talented artists. It’s sure to be fab.

I have to say, you guys have been awesome this week with your Flickr pool contributions. They’ve allowed me to compile some pretty impressive posts, so thank you and keep ’em coming! Also a big thanks for the new likes on Facebook this week. Makes me all happy inside. Like this horse by LUSH & Nathan Bowen, photographed by Christina Owen:


On to the weekend links from London’s lovely bloggers:

Chao! See ya Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

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5 comments on “London Links: Weekend 8

  1. Plans for the weekend? Well, Saturday will see me plodding around the City of London. Others will be running, but I guarantee I won’t be!

    The reason? Fund raising for The Gorilla Organization. How? 600 people, all dressed in Gorilla Suits, and many in fancy dress as well (you can’t have a naked Gorilla!). The place to be? Tower Bridge / City Hall, just after 10.30am


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  2. The Gorilla Run takes place around the City of London on Saturday, leaves Mark Lane about 10.00a.m. All participants dressed in Gorilla Suits run across Tower Bridge, along Embankment and across more bridges back to start (7km)

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