Photography: 30 Londoners

Here’s some more lovely Londoners for a Monday morning. Hope you all had a great weekend!

NobilityPhoto: Nobility by MauScaMe

Drury LanePhoto: Drury Lane by David McGowan

I Might As Well Talk To Myself !Photo: I might as well talk to myself! by John Kortland

Solid Gold Sounds
Photo: Solid Gold Sounds by John Kortland

Photographic Angle.Photo: Photographic Angle by Dennis Owen

Blowing His Own Trumpet [Explored #141]Photo: Blowing His Own Trumpet by John Kortland

London Street FashionPhoto: London Street Fashion by Alvaro Arregui

A smile from the pastPhoto: A Smile From the Past by MauScaMe

A light...Photo: A Light… by MauScaMe

Photo: Rickshaw by Dennis Owen

Black LooksPhoto: Black Looks by John Kortland

One Shade Of RedPhoto: One Shade of Red by John Kortland

Condemned by the Morris RingPhoto: Condemned by the Morris Ring by MauScaMe

Thoughtful (Dalston)Photo: Thoughtful (Dalston) by Tox TT

UntitledPhoto: Untitled by Universal76

Blue rosesPhoto: Blue Roses by MauScaMe

Cheerful Banter (Dalston)Photo: Cheerful Banter by Tox TT

Char WomenPhoto: Char Woman by John Kortland

No fun
Photo: No Fun by Gary Kinsman

The People of Soho: Drama FiendPhoto: The People of Soho: Drama Student Phoebe in Meard Street by Pete Zelewski

westminster beautyPhoto: Westminster Beauty by Dixon1919

Waiting outside Solicitor's (Dalston)Photo: Waiting Outside Solicitors (Dalston) by Tox TT

Once More With FeelingPhoto: Once More With Feeling by John Kortland

Kinky Boots Photo: Kinky Boots by Fred255 Photography

Masking Her FeelingsPhoto: Masking Her Feelings by John Kortland

Cigarette HolderPhoto: Cigarette Holder by John Kortland

A light...Photo: A Light…by MauScaMe

Blue Ladies.Photo: Blue Ladies by Dennis Owen

UntitledPhoto: Untitled by universal76

The People of Soho: Seeing RedPhoto: The People of Soho: Fashion designer Little Red in Denmark Place by Pete Zelewski

Enjoy your day!


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