Lots of Shoreditch Love Fence Photos

Maneuvering my way to Shoreditch High Street station through “planned engineering works” obstacles a few weekends ago (I probably could have gotten to Paris faster, coming from Southwest London), I paid a visit to the Shoreditch love fence to take some more photos for LLO. It’s just across from the station if you’d like to go see it for yourself. If not, see below!

Have a love-ly day!

3 comments on “Lots of Shoreditch Love Fence Photos

  1. Serendipity. I saw these photos Sunday morning just briefly as I was on my way out to an arts event. Later in the evening, a writer was reading from her new book “How the French Invented Love” (marilyn yalom) she closes the book with the story of ‘padlocks of love’ on a bridge in Paris. So it was a serendipitous day, not to mention I will be in both London and Paris soon. The love is spreading! thanks!

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