30 Londoners by Some Fantastic Street Photographers

I’m back in London after a very nice holiday. How is everyone? Anything exciting I’ve missed? I’ll be putting some NY photos on my Flickr page in the next few days if you’re interested. And speaking of Flickr, I came back to the LLO pool bursting with new photos (thanks!), so we shall dive right back in with 30 images of Londoners:

Graffiti & Site Workers Tea Break. Near Brick Lane,London, England.
Photo: Graffiti and site workers tea break by Joseph O’Malley

Photo: Windswept by John Kortland

Walk The Line
Photo: Walk the line by John Kortland

I am going to get his last one
Photo: I am going to get this last one by Graham F Kerr

Penny For Them [Explored #226]
Photo: Penny for them by John Kortland

Laid Back StylePhoto: Laid back style by John Kortland

Photo: Untitled by Delete08

TemptressPhoto: Temptress by John Kortland

Man with colour sleeve tattooPhoto: Man with coloured sleeve tattoo by Xuesong Liao

Shepard Fairey
Photo: Shepard Fairey by Hooked Blog

40 Winks
Photo: 40 Winks by John Kortland

Yea its dead groovy
Photo: Yea it’s dead groovy by Graham F Kerr

Eye On The Ball [Explored #194]
Photo: Eye on the ball by John Kortland

Frieze Art Fair 2012
Photo: Frieze Art Fair 2012 by Where The Art Is

Stand And Deliver
Photo: Stand and Deliver by John Kortland

Photo: Ripped by John Kortland

ipad P1040343cs (Copy)Photo: iPad photography by Hertsman

Photo: Formidable by John Kortland

I prefer riding my bike
Photo: I prefer to ride by bike by Xuesong Liao

Photo: Curious by John Kortland

For the last time ... no you cant have my last poloPhoto: For the last time no you can not have my last polo by Graham F Kerr

Asad Ahmad, BBC London News
Photo: Asad Ahmad, BBC London News by John Kortland

Eyes Down
Photo: Eyes Down by John Kortland

Cool man-2
Photo: Cool Man 2 by Xuesong Xiao

Two-Tone Faced
Photo: Two-tone faced by John Kortland

From Another Age
Photo: From another age by John Kortland

Gambling Rose
Photo: Gambling Rose by Graham F Kerr

Useful Tip
Photo: Useful tip by John Kortland

Bob [Explored #196]
Photo: Bob by John Kortland

Turned Adrift
Photo: Turned Adrift by Pete Zelewski

Have a good week everyone. If you have any London photos (especially if you go to Diwali celebrations in Southall tonight), add them to the pool.

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