Autumn Leaves in Stamford Hill

While I was in New York earlier this month, I had the opportunity to enjoy plenty of beautiful Autumn leaves, like these…

London has nothing on upstate New York when it comes to a vibrant  October, but Joseph O’Malley captured the golden London leaves here perfectly in his two photos below of Springfield Park in Stamford Hill, North London.

Enjoy what’s left of the leaves while you can – Winter is coming! Brrrrr….

Springfield Park, Stamford Hill, London, England.

Springfield Park, Stamford Hill, London, England.


Side note – After seeing these photos, I spent the last 20 minutes reading a very interesting article about Stamford Hill. I googled the area because I realised it’s somewhere in London I really knew nothing about. This fascinating piece from The Telegraph is what popped up. It’s long, but worth a good skim at least! (I realise it’s old news from 2011, but we found ourselves lost in a heavily Orthodox Jewish area of Brooklyn at the end of our NY trip so this was particularly timely from my perspective!)

One comment on “Autumn Leaves in Stamford Hill

  1. Coincidentally I was just walking in Stamford Hill yesterday. I knew nothing about it either and was surprised to see so many Orthodox Jews there. Interesting how these neighborhoods develop and thrive!

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