30 Pieces of London Art

While I was away on holiday this month, quite a few new pieces of street art, sculptures and the like have popped up in the Flickr pool (some new and some old but newly photographed) so I want to share them with you.

RunPhoto: Run – Finsbury Park by Alex Ellison

Kelso Cochrane
Photo: Kelso Cochrane in Kensal Green Cemetery  by Steve Reed
Read about the murder of Cochrane here.

Banksy & Don
Photo: Don and Banksy by Steve Reed

Graffiti (Masai), Hanbury Street, London, England.
Photo: Masai on Hanbury Street by Joseph O’Malley

Mystical graffiti figure ignored by Hackney employee.
Photo: Mystical graffiti ignored by Hackney employee  on the corner of Scrutton Street and Curtain Road by Maggie Jones

Sculpture / Street Art, Spitalfields Market, London, England.
Photo: Scaffold poles and knuckles sculpture in Spitalfields Market by Joseph O’Malley

Graffiti (iCON), Shoreditch, London, England.
Photo: ICON in Shoreditch by Joseph O’Malley

Graffiti, off Brick Lane, London, England.
Photo: Street Art off of Brick Lane by Joseph O’Malley

Graffiti (Jimmy C), Shoreditch, London, England.
Photo: Jimmy C in Shoreditch by Joseph O’Malley

Graffiti (Dscreet), Spitalfields, London, England.
Photo: DScreet in Shoreditch by Joseph O’Malley

Shepard Fairey – Stolen Space Gallery
Photo: Shepard Fairey at Stolen Space Gallery by Mickyh2011

Obey - Back to Work
Photo: Obey – Back to Work by Micky2011

Photo: Stik in East London by Alex Ellison

Puce Fungal Growth.
Photo: Puce Fungal Growth by Dennis Owen

Photo: Stik in Shoreditch by Alex Ellison

Shepard Fairey - Obey
Photo: Shepard Fairey – “It Takes The Sedation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” – Ebor Street by Alex Ellison

Photo: Ludo in East London by Alex Ellison

Photo: Run in East London by Delete08

Walking Amongst Heroes
Photo: Walking Amongst Heros in Trafalgar Square by John Kortland

Thought I Knew It All
Photo: Thought I knew It All by Mrdamcgowan

Photo: Ludo in East London by Alex Ellison

Photo: C215 by Hookedblog

Ben Wilson Chewing Gum Art
Photo: Ben Wilson chewing gum art by r3cycl3r
See more of Ben’s work here.

Mr Penfold
Photo: Mr Penfold mural in East London by Alex Ellison

Photo: Colombian artist Stinkfish at work by Hookedblog

Frieze Art Fair 2012
Photo: Flowers That Bloom Tomorrow by Yayoi Kusama. In the Frieze sculpture park, Regents Park London, by Where The Art Is
Read more about the artist Yayoi Kusama, with photos and video, here.

Photo: Ludo in East London by Alex Ellison

ANTI SLAVERY - Crying Queen and others
Photo: Don in East London by Mickyh2011

Nylon / Sweet Toof
Photo: Nylon and Sweet Toof in East London by Alex Ellison

Photo: Olek, Village Underground by Alex Ellison

It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I love the Masai piece with the fox, the colourful C215 kissing piece, the shot of Stinkfish at work because he’s always been a favourite of mine and the Olek knitting piece at the bottom. How awesome is she?

How about you? Can you choose just one?

If you’ve spotted any cool art pieces around London this month, show us!

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