London Links: Weekend 11

It’s a busy but fun weekend ahead for me. I’ll be in Penge (SE20) all day on Saturday for the fabulous SE20 Craft Fair where I’ll be attempting to sell some of my photography and jewellery I make that I brought back with me from my parents’ house in New York. Come down and say hi if you’re around.

Sunday I’ll be hiding out at the International Travel Fair in Earl’s Court – back on my side of the world. Daydreaming.

Like this cat on a hot car roof that Where The Art Is photographed on Columbia Road. Isn’t she cute?

Cat on a Hot Car Roof
Photo: Cat on a Hot Car Roof by Where The Art Is

Anyway, let’s delve into the world of London bloggers and see what’s interesting…

Also, I’ve set up a Pinterest account for work which will focus on Beijing, Buenos Aires, Florence, Istanbul, London and Sydney. If you’re interested in travel or study abroad, follow me. I’ve also taken over the Twitter account so find me there too @capastudyabroad.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS – if you missed it, I was interviewed on MoveGuides last week and had a guest post up yesterday.

4 comments on “London Links: Weekend 11

  1. Too funny! I walk by that cat…sitting on the roof…every night on my walk home!! 🙂

    Thanks for the mention! It is an absolute pleasure to have you contributing your words, thoughts, and experiences to our blog section.

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