10 Photographs: The (Super Random) Little Things in London

One of the best things about living in such a big city like London is the little silly random things that pop up each day that make you smile or roll your eyes or at least grab your attention away from the mundane, the everyday routine. That’s what this blog is all about.

Yesterday, for example, I saw a grown man in a suit with a briefcase chasing pigeons outside a tube station with a childlike glee. Apart from that he appeared perfectly sane.

But it’s not just the people. It’s the signs with the grammar mistakes, the little touches like the Cockney language option on a cash machine that my friend Rich photographed recently, stuff people leave lying about, stuff people carry through the streets, stuff people wear.

Here’s a few of the latest examples that made it to the LLO Flickr pool.

Photo: Unloading a happy piece of artwork at a gallery on Westbourne Grove by Steve Reed

Empty Chair, BrixtonPhoto: Empty chair in Brixton by Dave McGowan

Photo: Door in Deptford by Steve Reed

Freedom Bookshop.
Photo: Freedom bookshop on Angel Alley, E1 by Dennis Owen

Austerity rainwear for dogs
Photo: Austerity rainwear for dogs by Where The Art Is

Photo: Apostastrophe in the window of Diana’s Diner on Endell Street, Covent Garden by Dave McGowan

Gods Love Never Fails (!?).
Photo: God’s love never fails on Victorian Road N16 by Dennis Owen

This is what happened to baby Jane
Photo: What happened to baby Jane by Graham F Kerr

I Miss Your Grey Sweater...
Photo: Finsbury Park Skate Park N5 by Dennis Owen

And one more that I took near Brick Lane a few weeks ago:

Adjust Your Dress
Photo: Please adjust your dress before leaving by LLO

Have a happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you see something random that makes you smile.

6 comments on “10 Photographs: The (Super Random) Little Things in London

  1. Please adjust your dress before leaving??!!! I think there’s an intriguing story behind that. (Ok, so maybe I have an overactive imagination.) Any info on where that sign and door was located (doctor’s office, that sort of thing)?

  2. I’m going to vote tonight after work. Today is Election Day in The U.S., as you well know. Your blog has given me an idea. Maybe I’ll take my camera and find pics for mine.
    Thanks for including Finsbury Park. I spent many happy hours there when I was an expatiate.

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