27 London Shop Fronts

Like other global cities, London is slowly being taken over by high street brands. Top Shop, Zara, M&S, Tesco, Office… It’s a shame because the smaller independent shops really bring character to a neighborhood. Steve Reed, who most of the photos in this entry belong to, and a few others take a lot of pleasure in photographing some of London’s more interesting shop fronts. Many lot of these images have been contributed to the Flickr pool so I’m going to share them with you as part of an ongoing series. of London’s unique shop fronts.

Verde & Compmay Ltd
Photo: Verde & Company by The Green Album

Photo: Jaiamibka by Steve Reed

Atlas Carz
Photo: Atlas Carz by Steve Reed

Sun in Splendour
Photo: Sun in Splendour by Steve Reed

Fresher Food & Wine
Photo: Fresher Food & Wine by Steve Reed

Another Satisfied Customer
Photo: Another satisfied customer by John Kortland

Photo: Manzara by Steve Reed

Lewisham Food Market
Photo: Lewisham Food Market by Steve Reed

G. Portwine
Photo: G Portwine by Steve Reed

Photo: Sheila’s Cafe by Steve Reed

Photo: Gi-Gi’s by Steve Reed

Photo: Robertsons by Steve Reed

Photo: Denton by Steve Reed

99 Dry Cleaners
Photo: 99 Dry Cleaners by Steve Reed

Oddy Fashion
Photo: Oddy Fashion by Steve Reed

Kungfu Kitchen
Photo: Kung Fu Kitchen by Steve Reed

Uncle Wrinkle
Photo: Uncle Wrinkle by Steve Reed

Nag's Head
Photo: Nag’s Head by Kathy Archbold

Mrs. M. E. Crick
Photo: Mrs M. E. Crick by Steve Reed

Photo: Gossip by Steve Reed

Photo: Oriental by Steve Reed

Al's Clip Joint
Photo: Al’s Clip Joint by Steve Reed

Chiswick High Street
Photo: Chiswick High Street by Steve Reed

Sky Blue Coffee
Photo: Sky Blue Coffee by Steve Reed

Photo: Fox by Steve Reed

Palm Beach
Photo: Palm Beach by Steve Reed

Yah Suh Nice
Photo: Yah Suh Nice by Steve Reed

On the same topic, I interviewed London’s shop front expert Emily Webber back in 2010 with a link there to her website dedicated to her favourite topic.

7 comments on “27 London Shop Fronts

  1. When I came to London, I was actually very impressed at how many independent businesses there still were. I kinda think it’s a bigger problem in smaller towns, perhaps because there’s less retail space. I come from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, and there almost all of the smaller shops have closed down. In London, even though they may not get the best locations, the independent shops at least seem to be thriving.

  2. Wow, great selection of photos by Steve and special mention to John and Kathy too! My favourite one is the first one though, of Verde & Company by The Green Album. I agree, brands and chains will run these unique shops off our high streets just like we’re seeing on Borough High Street. It is a great pity but a bit of a catch 22 as they seem to be what consumers want.

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