25 Awesome Photographs of Londoners

What a brilliant collection appearing in the Flickr pool lately. Here’s 25 of the latest shots of Londoners, a diverse and colourful bunch. And so many talented street photographers out there in this city as you can see! One of my favourite Londoners posts yet.

All Gone
Photo: All Gone, Brick Lane market by Garry Knight

16/100, Koko/London
Photo: Koko fro m Austria by Jonathan Campenni

2012-07-14 Pzb02021
Photo: Dancer by Kath

stranger # 67
hoto: Worod from Iraq who has also lived in Iran and travelled extensively by Stretch1000

Photo: Brixton by Harry Wakefield

Esther - Stranger 5/100
Photo: Esther Monolo works in Monsoon but has been singing since age 3 by Roj Whitelock

The girl with butterfly tattoo
Photo: The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo by Xuesong Liao

N'Goni - Stranger 31/100
Photo: N’Goni plays roots reggae on the guitar with Real Sounds by Roj Whitelock

Unwelcome Audience
Photo: Unwelcome Audience by John Kortland

London Street Portrait
Photo: London street portrait by 67Jewels

The Final Cut
Photo: Former film maker and global traveler it’s Arners on the streets of Bloomsbury, Grape Street by Pete Zelewski

stranger # 114
Photo: Mark Powell on Frith Street, Soho by Stretch1000

Claire - Stranger 22/100
Photo: Claire, editor of Entertainmentwise by Roj Whitelock

Photo: Red Head on Portobello Road by Farlon Rahaman

stranger # 137
Photo: Ashwini from Bangalore who is in London doing a Masters in Sustainable Architecture by Stretch1000

Amara - Stranger 35/100
Photo: Mural artist Amara from Sweden on Brick Lane by Roj Whitelock

Italian student
Photo: Italian student in London by Xuesong Liao

London Street Portraits
Photo: Sue Kreitzman the Wild Old Woman – the Dare To Wear Exhibition at The Crypt by 67Jewels

stranger # 84
Photo: Demi, aspiring Model on Allen Gardens, Spitalfields by Stretch1001

A green haired girl wearing big bow
Photo: Green-haired girl wearing big bow by Xuesong Liao

London Street Portraits
Photo: London street portrait by 67Jewels

stranger # 101
Photo: Olivia wearing an old coat she inherited from her aunt by Stretch1000

Where am I going?
Photo: Where am I going? by Xuesong Liao

Purim in Stamford Hill
Photo: Purim in Stamform Hill by Alan Denney

stranger # 131
Photo: Ruby, whose favourite sound is that of her son’s heartbeat as heard through her husband’s stethoscope by Stretch1000

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