13 Photographs: Black and White London

Sometimes the simplicity of a black and white photograph gives the subject new life. Stripping away the colour can pull in the imagination that is so quick to fill in a blank. Here’s a few photographs from the Flickr pool of unspectacular subjects in London that look pretty compelling in monochrome.

"It's not forbidden if you don't get caught"Photo: It’s not forbidden if you don’t get caught, Brady Street, Whitechapel by Louis Berk

Dew Drops
Photo: Dew Drops by Karva Javi

No 4 Princelet Street Spitalfields
Photo: Number 4, Princelet Street, Spitalfields by Russell Dixon

Sharp Edges
Photo: Sharp edges in East London by LLO

Poor Lion
Photo: Poor lion by Dave McGowan

Lonely Smoker
Photo: Lonely Smoker by John Kortland

Muggers' Bridge
Photo: Mugger’s Bridge in Brixton by Dave McGowan

Old Greenwich Pier
Photo: Old Greenwich Pier by Russell Dixon

Upper Ground
Photo: Upper Ground by Dave McGowan

Photo: Tribicycle by Bob Maccallum

No Escape
Photo: No escape by Karva Javi

London 2012
Photo: London 2012 by Skire is Cool

No Ball Games
Photo: No ball games allowed in Southfields by LLO

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