14 Photographs of Wet London

Wet and London have a pretty stereotypical relationship, at least when it comes to rain. Here’s some of the beautiful and some of the not so picturesque areas of the city – wet because of rain or otherwise…

AmbiencePhoto: Ambience by Martin Turner

gascoyne road e9, gutter, yellow lines, leaves, 2012-11-04, 13-23-07
Photo: Gascoyne Road, E9 by tributory

bus queue
Photo: Bus queue by Where The Art Is

Hand Car Wash
Photo: Hand Car Wash by Andy Worthington

One Canada Square
Photo: One Canada Square by Gary Kinsman 

Millenium Mills
Photo: Spillers Millennium Mills near Royal Victoria Docks by Fred255

Photo: East London by Alex Ellison

London wakes up: the Thames in Greenwich
Photo: The Thames in Greenwich at 7:57am by Andy Worthington

New River
Photo: New River by Dave McGowan

London Nights SOOC
Photo: London Nights by Me.Two

Reflection From The Surrey Side
Photo: Reflection of Pimlico from the Surrey Side by Dave McGowan

bus stop
Photo: Bus Stop by Where The Art Is

The Beauty of the Victoria and Albert Museum
Photo: The beauty of the Victoria & Albert Museum by Karva Javi

James, Bert and Mark Prior
Photo: James, Bert and Mark Prior (three of the seven boats owned by J.J. Prior Ltd., a company established in 1870) by Andy Worthington

Fingers crossed it stays dry this week (unless we get to have some snow!)

2 comments on “14 Photographs of Wet London

  1. Makes me want to go to London. I love rainy, overcast days. I should probably invest in a better umbrella. Great choices of photos! Thanks for sharing.

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