Coffee at The Bridge in Shoreditch

Wandering in to The Bridge on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch is like stepping back in time, to the Victorian era. It’s dark with an old school glamour and plenty to keep your eyes busy.



The curtains are drawn, a purple glow coming through the windows behind them, rumpled sofas and fushia pink upholstered straight-backed chairs are scattered around upstairs.



There’s a sign in the hallway that reads, “Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.”



This sign was appropriate as I was there with my good friend Carolina who really does live by that motto. Every time I see her, I go home feeling refreshed and inspired.


We ordered some hot chocolate, cappuccino and cake to share and then cozied up in a little corner for a few hours chatting away the afternoon.


The whole place is full of old photographs, vintage neon adverts, Tiffany lamps and gilt mirrors everywhere, curtains woven through the ceiling beams.


The photos didn’t come out great as I had my phone and it was quite dark, but you get the idea!



As you can see, they had plenty of delicious looking cakes to choose from!



There’s also a bar so if you fancy a glass of wine instead of a cup of tea, the option is yours.



A great little place to catch up with friends and definitely somewhere I will return.



Note – they use an old fashioned cash register and only take cash so stop by the cash point and stock up before you go!

The Bridge
15 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 8AE

5 comments on “Coffee at The Bridge in Shoreditch

  1. How charming! It’s so nice to see young people out and enjoying a few minutes of a quieter time.
    I l ove to learn new “Britishisms” I missed in my time as an expatriate. Adverts – never came across that but I have heard it in british movies. But Cash points – that’s way “after my time” in London in the early 70’s.I like it better than our ATM.

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