Listen to a Londoner: Phoebe Watson

307870_10150296082205974_1863659593_nPhoto: Pheobe in Prism swimwear

Meet Pheobe, a 20-something model from Bath who has lived in London for just over a year. Below, she talks about her modelling career in New York and London, where she likes to shop in London and her favourite place to dance up a storm on a Saturday night. She blogs at London Model Life.

LLO: Where are you from originally, how long have you been in London and what brought you here?
PW: I was born and raised in Bath in the south west. I absolutely love it there still. I moved to london about a year and half ago, however I spent quite a large chunk of that in New York so I have probably lived in london for about a year now. The only reason I moved was for modelling. I tried and attempted university, but it didnt really click and modelling did so I never looked back.

LLO: When did you become a model? Tell us about your experience in the industry so far.
PW: I was first scouted when I was 13-years-old and I started modeling then. But conflicting with school and netball it was decided that modelling was not right for me when I was growing up, so I gave it up. And then the summer of 2011 I came back to my agency and moved to London. So I’ve been modelling full time time for a year and a half. I spent some time in New York, and to be honest it wasn’t great. I had only really just settled in London and then another big change. Bath is super small and friendly; everyone knows everyone and New York couldn’t be more different. So I didn’t have a great time but now I’m older I would kill to go back.

LLO: How does London compare to New York when it comes to the modeling world?
PW: For me and my look, New York is better, but it’s incredibly hard for me now to get my visa after my first trip over to the States. In a dream world, I would love to move to New York with the boyfriend and the best friend; now that would be amazing.

523924_10150692616005974_2057749903_nPhoto: Phoebe – her favourite modelling shot

LLO: Who are your London-based style icons and why?
PW: My london based style icons? To be perfectly honest I’m not what you would call a “cool” londoner. Some of my modelling shots might be edgy, but I’m as mainstream as they come. I love how women like Emily Blunt and Rosie Huntington Whitely dress, but I’m not so keen in the Agyness Deyns of the world!

LLO: Where are your top three places to shop for clothes in London? Makeup / beauty products?
PW: My style is quite mainstream and relaxed, so for clothes I would go to Zara, Brandy Melville and, of course, the one and only Topshop! But on the odd occasion I love a trip to Rag and Bone or Zadig and Voltaire. My make-up is normally always from Mac; it’s probably because it’s what my older sister used to wear and I used to steal it, so now I’m used to it. Beauty things – I love bioderma!

LLO: Tell us about one place in London would you love to go for a photo shoot and why? 
PW: I love shooting on location in good weather which is hardly ever here in London, soooo if I had to say I wanted to shoot anywhere it would be in the Big Sky Studios. They are amazing. They are huge white rooms with the most amazing facilities and food!! So if im being fussy…there! Or london zoo; I love animals!!!!

65185_10151147600355974_2023808244_nPhoto: Pheobe’s first modelling shot at age 13

LLO: What do you love most about being a Londoner? Anything you dislike about the city?
PW: I love being a londoner because everything you need is a google, a taxi ride or a tube ride away. People, food, anything you need is always around! I dislike that I can’t have Bindi, my beloved pup with me. She is an Australian cattle dog and needs a good run everyday! I miss her!

LLO: Favourite place to spend a Saturday evening in London? Dinner, drinks, dancing, etc?
PW: Favourite place on Saturday night…..Well, I love a good dance! But it always depends on my mood. Me and Rosie choose Mortons and 2&8, because the food is amazing and you’re always welcomed with a smile! Also, they don’t mind us dancing up a storm. But for a more chilled look back to when you’re 16 vibe, I would go to Bodos Schloss.

LLO: How do you keep fit in London? Any advice for those who made that a new year’s resolution?
PW: It’s hard not to keep fit in London. I try to walk or use Boris Bikes. I’ve been quite lucky in the fact I have always been very sporty so I don’t have to gym it every day, but I try!! I’m about to do a blog post of my own on keeping fit and it will all be there soon!

599512_10150942419200974_1189033811_nPhoto: Phoebe with her best friend Rosie – “The Londoner

LLO: What’s your favourite London discovery?
PW: My favourite london discovery? Well, it has to be The Londoner. Rosie is the best thing I could ever find in london. This girl is everything to me!!

Thanks Phoebe!

Keep up with Pheobe’s adventures on her blog, London Model Life.


4 comments on “Listen to a Londoner: Phoebe Watson

  1. Sweet, that she still has her feet planted firmly on the ground. I wish her more success in her career. As for you, great interview! Please keep it coming!

    P.S. Does it still feel like a chore for you sometimes?

    • Thanks Jennifer. A chore? At the moment no but it is pretty bare bones right now. I moved house this weekend so now that’s finished. I should finish the first website I’m building by the end of this month and hopefully the second by February. From March I don’t have any big projects lined up, so there’s a lot more free time hopefully. I do have a couple of exciting interviews coming on LLO though. One is finished and just needs a bit of editing and the other is finished but it’s for an artist so I’m holding it until a bit closer to his show in February. Then there’s two with a few of my favourite street artists coming in Feb. I’m scheduled to interview both of them the first weekend in Feb. Can’t wait!

      • Wow, that sounds very exciting! I just remembered your post around new years’ and you mentioned posting daily sometimes felt like a chore. But I’m glad you’re off to a great start this year. Lucky me, I’ll have more reading treats to enjoy. Have a great week ahead!

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