First Weekends at The Electrician’s Shop

You asked for some more London listings, so here’s a few worth mentioning, all at The Electrician’s Shop in South East London. Ever been to Trinity Bouy Wharf near the East India DLR stop? If not, here’s a few reasons to go. (Mark your calendar – all of these events are the first weekend of each month only, 12-5pm.)

Also, say hello to Garry who runs it. He has a lot of interesting stories about these artists!

Broken Colours

February – Launch event with street artist Paul ‘DON’ Smith.

March – Will Alexander who has constructed beautifully engineered vehicles such as a tram and an ice cream van from recycled cardboard, will construct a full size gondola.

April – Stik will paint giant figures that look at the issues of migration, referencing the immigration of seamen that established the Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets.

May – Dr Simon Park, a senior molecular biologist at the University of Surrey, will examine microscopic lifeforms in the Thames and how these can be interpreted into art.

June – Flyte will produce a map that points out permanent works installed at the Wharf, using graphically styled QR code smartphone technology as a guide for visitors.

July – Fluxion: assemblage and collage artists working towards a common kinetic ambition, utilising objects and images that are usually dismissed or thrown away.

August – Manifesto: a celebration of the art and design at Trinity Buoy Wharf, with kinetic sculptures on site.

September – Cluster III: a month-long outdoor installation of the best contemporary art from three continents presented by Mas Civiles (meaning ‘more civil’) on Orchard Place E14.

October – An urban art showcase that looks at the heritage of the maritime tattoo genre in a contemporary context.

November – Coinciding with East London’s major Photomonth Festival, specialist large format portrait and architectural photographer Peter Mackertich will exhibit a suite of images showing the melding of traditional crafts and modern technologies by people working at the Wharf.

The Electrician’s Shop
Trinity Buoy Wharf
64 Orchard Place London E14 OJY  

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