New iCON Piece in Trinity Buoy Wharf

I went to The Electrician’s Shop in Trinity Buoy Wharf the other day to meet up with Garry Hunter (who wrote the book Street Art: From Around the World, which, coincidently, I got for Christmas) and street artist Paul “DON” Smith. Interview with DON coming this week when I finish transcribing, so stay tuned!

When I left to make my way out back for lunch at the delicious Exmouth Coffee Company before meeting up with some friends at The Bridge in Shoreditch for tea, Garry walked with me to show me a brand new piece of work that was just put up by street artist iCON.

According to Garry, this is a pretty exclusive look as it’s likely not many people have spotted it yet.


This piece is called “Abduction”. Madonna is out shopping with Mowgli on the currently blocked River Lea walkway. Through its placement on hoardings that have blocked access for over five years now, it’s a comment on the privatisation of public space which is a causing a bit of an uproar in the area. This development has ground to a halt.


A bit of background – iCON is from Thamesmead in south east London and has been on the street art scene since 2009.

5 comments on “New iCON Piece in Trinity Buoy Wharf

  1. Hi Liza – the Electrician’s Shop is open tomorrow and Thursday 12 noon – 5pm with a Closing Party on second day from 5pm -8pm. We are in the centre of this site DON will be around both days as we have an exhibition of his work and he is doing permanent pieces on the back of Boiler House 1954 opposite the Electrician’s Shop – he’ll be there Wednesday afternoon and the Thursday Closing Pay – all welcome.

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